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This particular Orgone has a clear quartz crystal inside as well as black tourmaline crystals. There is white sand on the bottom and black sand on the tip. It's hollow with fairy lights inside that you may turn the lights on or off. There is a black felt bottom that is removable.

Considered the master healer. It is said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating it. Also is said to aid concentration and memory and helps to stimulate the immune system and balance out the entire body. Clear Quartz is said to draw off negative energy, neutralise background radiation, stimulate the immune system, and bring the entire body back into balance. It can work its magic on all levels, including the physical, mental, and emotional. Black Tourmaline is one of the best protective crystals and clears energies that try to throw off your natural rhythm, chaotic energy and negative attachments or entities. Black Sand is used for protection, banishing or negativity based spells while the white sand is used for purity, cleansing, protection, wisdom, preparing for change, physical and emotional balance, harmonizes all aspects of oneself.

Orgone For Helping To Keep Negative Energy Away

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