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All Of Our Products Are Always Unique. Nothing Is Ever The Same.

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We started off learning about essential oils and went on to make soap. Starting out it was the hot process method, cooking the soap. Soon we went to the "Old Fashioned Way" of making soap. It's cold process, meaning we make sure our oils and lye water are within 5º of each other. Rather than putting it in a crock pot it's brought to what's called trace and then transferred into a mold. Within 24 to 48 hours it's taken out of the mold and then cut where it's placed on a rack for four (4) to six (6) weeks to cure. By doing so it also helps to keep the natural glycerin in the soap which holds the moisture in your skin! All soap is made lovingly and with the strictest of standards. Then we started branching off to Orgones for the beauty and quiet energy each one brings. All uniquely made. No Orgone is ever the same. But then there was more to make for our clients because they asked and we delivered. Soap is still our first and foremost love and that will never change. We truly hope that you enjoy our products!

With love and light to all.

The Real Country Goddess



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